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Partnering with us

To get assistance on partnering with us you can reach us through our telephone contacts and ask for Fabian or you can write an email to

Haooze online services is always in constant lookout for people and/ organizations which we can work with both for economic gain and social well being for the environements inwhich we operate.

We look forward to working with you.

Advantages of partnering with

The advantage of being a partner is you get a bidirectional partnership where you can utilise our capabilities to take your business a step higher. Throguh us you can also acess our mother company's network pool and obtain both financial and techinical capabilities.

We work with a large number of organizations across various fields with the Real estate and data industry and thus provide a large pool within which our partners can benefit from.

Our Promise.

Wehave a clear understanding that one of the biggest issues is how much computing pollutes the environment especially thorugh coal power in the US thorugh some of our main partners and we are very serious when it comes to finding cheaper solutions on how to reduce our dependency on services that pollute the environment.

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